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Which are set to be the biggest bathroom trends in 2023?

From carpet in the bathroom to avocado bathroom suites, it's no secret that there have been some extremely questionable bathroom trends over the years!

But what are expected to be the big trends and must-have bathroom features for 2023?

We've scoured social media for the biggest trends and taken a look into Google search volumes to find out exactly which bathroom trends you should be following for 2023, no matter your budget!

2023's Most Sought-After Bathroom Trends

2023's most sought-after bathroom trends

Japandi Bathrooms

281.70% Increase in Google searches

With its fusion of Scandinavian minimalist design and Japanese functionality, this decor trend creates a relaxed atmosphere thanks to its neutral colour palette and use of wooden bathroom furniture. Japandi bathrooms are set to take centre stage as 2023's most sought-after bathroom trend if current trends continue, with searches rising by over 280% in the last 12 months.

Peach Bathrooms

23.25% Increase in Google searches

Taking second place with searches rising by nearly a quarter are peach bathrooms. This trend gives bathrooms a uniquely bright and fresh look thanks to its soft pastel shade. It works well as an accent to neutral colours too, making it an excellent way of injecting some colour into minimalist bathroom interiors.

Glossy Tiles

17.32% Increase in Google searches

Up next are glossy tiles, a popular design trend for smaller bathrooms as they deceive the eye and make a room look bigger, opening up the space and making it appear brighter too. Searches for this trend have increased by more than 17% over the last year.

2023 bathroom trends table

2023's Biggest Bathroom Trends on Social Media


Wet Rooms

264,077,860 Total views and posts

Taking the top spot as the biggest bathroom trend on social media for 2023 are wet rooms. Thanks to its minimalist design, this trend is incredibly versatile, meaning you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing the perfect material to suit your bathroom decor!

Floating Bathroom Shelves

136,405,009 Total views and posts

Up next are floating bathroom shelves. This trend is the perfect mix of form and function, creating storage space and providing a clean and simple look that can be a design statement on its own. Floating bathroom shelves have more than 136,4 million posts and views across social media, and are set to be a staple bathroom feature for 2023.

Smart Mirrors

46,221,353 Total views and posts

Taking third place are smart mirrors. These nifty devices with an inbuilt digital display mean you can catch up on everything you need to know, from news and weather to appointments in your calendar. This feature has achieved more than 46.2 million combined Instagram posts and TikTok views to date, setting them up to be a must-have for 2023.

2023 trends social table

2023's Biggest Bathroom Trends on Instagram

2023s biggest bathroom trends on Instagram

Floating Bathroom Shelves

205,009 Posts

If you're low on bathroom storage space, floating shelves are the perfect clean and elegant solution. The trend is also incredibly versatile too, working with a huge variety of interior styles as a focal point or accent. This trend is the most popular on Instagram, with more than 205 thousand posts on the platform to date.

Marble Tiles

184,367 Posts

Thanks to the unique patterns on each tile, marble tiles add variety to any bathroom and their timeless nature creates a classic and elegant look. It takes second place for Instagram posts, with a total of over 184 thousand.

Underfloor Heating

104,040 Posts

Coming in third is underfloor heating with more than 104 thousand posts. It comes as no surprise that underfloor heating features in the top three, as it's now one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home and with many people looking to cut down on their energy bills in the face of ever-increasing energy prices, underfloor heating is set to be a welcome trend for 2023.

2023's Biggest Bathroom Trends on TikTok

2023s biggest bathroom trends on TikTok

Wet Rooms

264 Million views

Taking the top spot as TikTok's biggest bathroom trend are wet rooms, with 264 million views on the platform. This comes hand in hand with the trend in open-plan living and adds a contemporary and luxurious touch to bathrooms.

Floating Bathroom Shelves

136.2 Million views

Up next are floating shelves totalling over 136 million views on TikTok. This bathroom trend creates a clean look, cutting down on clutter and leaving more space for you to show off your bathroom decor and creates a light and airy feel too.

Smart Mirrors

46.2 Million views

Next up on TikTok's biggest bathroom trends are smart mirrors. These handy devices connect to your phone and feature a digital display with important information like the news and weather while you brush your teeth or apply your makeup. This trend has more than 46 million views on the platform to date.


We researched up-and-coming bathroom trends from various sources, before using Google's Keyword Planner to find out the annual search volume for each term from December 2021-November 2021 and December 2020-November 2021 to be able to discover the current search volumes and how these have changed over time, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We then sourced the number of Instagram posts and TikTok views for videos mentioning each trend using hashtags to see how often each bathroom trend was mentioned on social media to gauge popularity on other platforms.

All data correct as of 21/12/2022.