Creating the Perfect Family Bathroom

The family bathroom should serve the needs of everyone, but getting the design right can be a tricky balancing act! Whether you are doing a complete renovation or a simple bathroom upgrade, follow these simple tips and tricks for the perfect refurbishment.

The layout of a family bathroom should be both practical and stylish and must incorporate all necessary safety features for your children. This can be easily achieved by choosing suitable plumbing and heating products for the bathroom. With a bit of ingenuity and style, your bathroom will be able to withstand its fair share of family chaos...

Maximise space

When designing the layout of your family bathroom, keep it simple should be your new mantra. Avoid attempting to cram your bathroom with twin basins, dual showers and the like. This will only clutter your room, leaving you with little space to relax in. Prioritise what you need and opt for space-savvy fixtures.

Shower-baths: These are brilliant options for small family bathrooms. They cost less to buy and install than a separate shower and bath enclosure and free up valuable floor space.

Free standing/clawfoot bathtubs: These can be placed anywhere in the bathroom; offering greater flexibility for installation. They make stunning showpieces for the bathroom and allow space to flow around them for a visually lighter feel.

Wall hung fixtures: Back-to-wall floating toilets and basins maximise floor space and are perfect for smaller family bathrooms.

small family bathroom


Family bathrooms are all about convenience. When everyone is fighting to use the bathroom in the morning rush, you need to have the right fixtures ready for battle!

Large heated towel rail: You will need a reasonably sized rail to hold all the family's towels and to keep your bathroom toasty and warm. If you opt for too small a rail, freshly cleaned laundry will end up on the floor! Large towel rails are also particularly handy for heating up a family bathroom on cold winter mornings.

Slider rail shower kit: Kids grow up fast, so make sure you invest in a slider rail shower kit. Your children will be able to adjust the shower head height and angle just right, no matter who used it last.

chrome designer radiator

Safety first

Suitable storage is necessary for every family bathroom. It is where you can store all those bath-time toys and grooming products. Storage is also essential to prevent young children from reaching up for lotions, medicines and razors that may otherwise be left on the window sill or sink worktop.

Vanity units: Not only do they look fantastic, but they double the storage space available and come in a range of sizes to fit the tightest of spaces. Some bathroom furniture units even comprise of slim-line basins and compact WCs for a cloakroom setting. Consider adding child locks to the doors and drawers for extra safety.

Soft close doors, drawers and toilet lids: To prevent any unnecessary accidents, always opt for soft-close mechanisms to prevent any trapped fingers. It is also wise to purchase bath mats, bath strips and grip rails to prevent all manner of slips and trips. These are extremely cheap to buy and easy to fit.

white sink with oak cabinet

Thermostatic shower valve

Thermostatic showers are the safest shower choice for small children. Unlike regular showers, they provide temperature stability to prevent the risk of scalding despite changes in cold water supply. Smart showers go one step further and allow you to set a timer on your child's shower so they don't rack up the water bill! Some models will even run you the perfect bath independently. Take a look at the Mira, Aqualisa and Grohe showers here. For environments with young children, you can also install temperature regulators on taps to ensure child safety.

mira smart shower

Think open-plan

Avoid a tight shower enclosure in a family bathroom. It is far better to opt for a wetroom style bathroom or an open plan layout. A single glass shower screen can be used to divide the shower area from the rest of the room, and a recessed floor-level shower tray can be chosen in a colour that blends well with the floor tiles. This makes the room appear more spacious and helps to eliminate trip hazards for children. Remember to coat the floor area in a non-slip coating though!

There you have it, the perfect family bathroom in 5 simple steps!