Cylinders and ErP - Everything You Need To Know

ErP is a European Directive that stands for Energy-Related Products.  The goal is to improve energy efficiency and performance standards of products like those seen across home appliances over the last 5 years. In its current format Cylinders will be rated from A to G only.

The ErP rating of an indirect cylinder is currently defined based on the standing loss of the Cylinder, in real terms the smaller the capacity of the cylinder generally the higher the ErP rating will be. A direct cylinder will clearly indicate the annual power consumption in kWh of the Cylinder

Package Labelling

Package labels are required under specific conditions, this is when  you combine heating products and components that are purchased and installed at the same time. There are clear specifications for when a heating system requires a package label these are when your system contains:

  1. Any heat generator (water heater, boiler or heat pump) fitted with a controller, thermostat or a solar device whether that is a collector or cylinder.
  2. A water heater and a solar device whether that is a collector or cylinder.

Please Note: Non-Solar cylinders are sold with an ErP label; these Cylinders are currently not included when considering the production of an ErP Package Label.

All products included in the package label will have an individual efficiency rating. The package label is dependent on the combined efficiency rating of the overall system of the products when fitted together as a package.

Your installer is the best and most appropriate person to advise you around package labels, it is also recommended that your installer creates this package label when required.

The package calculation is a quick and simple process whereby the efficiency of each component is added together to deliver a final package label showing the efficiency of your setup.

Cylinder ErP FAQ –

Do I require a package label when I install or buy hot water cylinder with a heat pump or boiler ?

No, a hot water cylinder and a Heat Pump/Boiler do not currently require a package label.

Can I compare like for like products using the ErP labels ? (e.g 30KW Boilers)

The ErP labelling directive is recommended for quick comparisons of similar products from the same manufacturer.