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Which bathroom features could add some serious value to your house?

Everyone loves a stylish bathroom to relax and unwind in after a long day. From walk-in showers to wet rooms, to freestanding baths and unique washbasins, each bathroom can be fitted with unique features to suit every need.

Are there certain bathroom fittings and features though that could actually add more value to your home if you were looking to sell? We've put together a list of the most popular bathroom fittings and asked an estate agent to estimate how much value these extra features could add to your home and whether they are worth the investment.

Bathroom tiles, freestanding bathtubs and electric showers are the most popular bathroom features in the UK of 2021

Most Popular 2021 Bathroom Features

  1. Bathroom Tiles: 1,394,500 annual searches
  2. Freestanding Bathtubs: 592,600 annual searches
  3. Electric Shower: 560,000 annual searches

Superior quality bathroom tiles, especially with good grouting, are a great feature statement to add to any size bathroom. Creating a feature wall within your shower area for example will add a unique feature that no one else will have.

If you're looking to spend a little more money on renovations for your bathroom, freestanding bathtubs, electric showers or wet rooms could be the perfect feature for you to really make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.

To give you insight into the bathroom features that could add value to your home, we have spoken to several property experts to find out which bathroom features add value to your home and which ones should be a last resort.

Jonathan Rolande, Property Buyer, HouseBuyFast comments:

"Freestanding bathtubs look nice in a large room, but if your bathroom is small then they can make it look very cramped and potentially put off future buyers. Freestanding bathtubs are very Instagram friendly but not the best if you have children."

"When viewing a property wet rooms look fine, but they are unpopular if people have already used them! Wet rooms can cause dampness and mould and water splashes on and off the toilet - all of which are viewed as negatives. I would recommend only installing a wet room if you have no other alternative."

Property expert Kev Tilley, from Mortgageable comments further on the bathroom features you should add to your home:

"Wet rooms have grown in popularity in recent years, but are much like marmite, as many house hunters still like to have access to a bathtub. It's not so much an issue in homes with multiple bathrooms and in those cases can be a welcome bonus, but property owners should seriously consider avoiding converting their only bathroom into a wet room."

"Adding a second sink or double sink vanity is extremely appealing, especially in homes with busy families or couples that only have one bathroom. The double sink used to be considered a luxury feature, but many have now realised it provides a practical solution and as a result, they have become much more common and desired by house hunters."

Jonathan also comments on smart bathrooms and unpopular bathroom choices:

"Smart toilets and bathrooms will be all the rage in the future but in 2021 they are still a novelty item which is often featured in more expensive homes. However, remote control showers are very popular!

"Two very unpopular things are two 80s classics - the bidet and a bath with a jacuzzi feature. The main rule when trying to add value to your home, is keep it simple with only minor flourishes."

On the other hand, Kev gives his expert advice on ensuites and the decor in your bathrooms:

"The en-suite remains the most desired addition when it comes to bathrooms and it's pretty much, the more the merrier. Therefore, if you are considering any home upgrade and have the space and budget, an en-suite can seriously make a difference in increasing property value.

"In terms of colour and bathroom decor, keeping things neutral is always advised, especially if you are going to be selling your home in the near future. Make sure to avoid carpets and stick to whites, creams and deep blues."

According to Paul Gibbens a Property Specialist at Housebuyers4u:

"A wet room could increase the value of your home by £2,000 - £5,000. Another feature that could add substantial value to your home is underfloor heating, potentially increasing the value by £7,000."

Marco Helliwell, Founder and CEO of says:

"Adding a bathroom/en-suite gives you a direct increase in price. Having items which give you the 'wow factor' gain you more interest, therefore more offers, which drives up your selling price. Adding an en-suite directly adds value to a property making, in most cases, the master bedroom more desirable. An extra bathroom can add up to £50k onto a property value!"

For other popular bathroom features, check out the full list below.

Most Popular UK Bathroom Trends

We also looked globally to see what bathroom features and fittings were popular elsewhere in the world and bathroom tiles took the top spot in our research here too! Interestingly though, internationally, bathroom storage and walk-in showers are the next most popular bathroom features being searched globally, possibly suggesting a more minimalist look to international bathrooms.

Check out the full list below of other bathroom features that are globally popular right now to give you some inspiration for your bathroom renovation.

Most Popular Global Bathroom Trends


Search volumes for common and up and coming bathroom features were analysed using Google's Keyword Planner for the annual volume in June 2020 - May 2021 for both the UK only and on a global scale. We then asked the property experts to provide insight into how much value these bathroom features would add to a property to determine whether they are worth the investment to install them.