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Walk In Baths

Walk-in baths fuse luxury and safety when entering and exiting the bathtub. With a hinged door on the side of the tub, stepping into the bath and sitting back to relax is made easy, particularly for those who may find it challenging to lower themselves into a regular bathing position. With the addition of anti-slip surfaces and backrests for extra comfort, the walk-in bath ensures the perfect bathing experience. At the same time, the latest leak prevention technology certifies that any water remains within the bathtub and does not disperse onto the bathroom floor. The choice of brassware is optional, and if desired, the tub can become a walk-in bath shower.

Walk in baths allow you to sit on an actual seat as you soak making them the ideal bathing option for those who have mobility difficulties. Walk-in baths are specially designed to transform any bathroom into an accessible space for everyone. The addition of shower kit installation furthers utility to a walk-in bath shower combination. Specialised features include slip-resistant surfaces, back rests for comfort and leek resistant technology, eradicating any problems you may face with a standard bath or shower. Choose from our carefully selected walk-in baths collection which includes only the best quality products from the Nation's leading suppliers.