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Panel Heaters

If you’re looking for a sleek and efficient alternative heating solution to a central heating radiator, then look no further than our versatile range of electric panel heaters. Panel heaters are a modern plug and play unit that once switched on will deliver swift warmth that can be enjoyed in-home studies and conservatories, or less frequently used rooms in place of a standard radiator. Their slender profile not only boasts a pleasant aesthetic but minimises the chance of obstruction, giving you more freedom when it comes to utilising space effectively. Whether it’s a convenience, efficiency or both, our panel heaters are sure to suit your needs.

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Electric Panel Heaters Electric panel heaters are a great way to heat any room in your home. They are slim line units that mount to a wall and are powered by the mains electricity.

At PlumbNation, you can choose from three different types of panel heater. We have a huge range of standard electric panel heaters, with various sizes in terms of output and dimensions. You will be able to find one that has the ideal capacity to heat your room, as well units that are the right size to be installed in whatever space you have available.

We also have a range of slatted panel heaters. These have a larger surface area compared to the standard single panel units, and therefore emit more all round heat. Similarly, column panel heaters are made up of interconnected columns – much like a traditional style radiator – and the larger surface area means the heat is transferred to the room space at a faster rate. The slatted and column heaters that you will find here at PlumbNation are also available in different dimensions and levels of output, so you can find the perfect units for your home.

Don’t overlook the range of panel heater controls that we have available: timers, controllers and thermostats allow you to control the heat output of your units from a single point. It means that you can put together an efficient, bespoke heating system in your home without the need for central heating