Shower Tray Accessories

Showering should be a relaxing and fluid experience to be enjoyed; that is why we offer a range of shower tray accessories to enhance any cubicle or enclosure installation. From shower wastes for optimal drainage to shower tray riser kits and panel packs for a neat and tidy finish, our range of shower tray accessories is both functional and affordable.

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  2. mx-hi-flow-90mm-waste-and-chrome-grille

    MX Hi-Flow 90mm Waste and Chrome Grille - X2X

  3. mira-flight-low-vortex-90mm-waste

    Mira Flight Low Vortex 90mm Waste - 2.1697.050.1.0

    Was £ 42.36

    Save 18%

    £ 34.94

    In Stock
  4. twyford-90mm-high-flow-waste-kit

    Twyford 90mm High Flow Waste Kit - SF8888XX

  5. mx-group-high-flow-90mm-waste-chrome-waa

    Mx Group High Flow 90mm Waste Chrome - WAA

  6. mx-quadrangoffset-quadrant-tray-panel-riser-pack-1200mm

    MX Quadrang/Offset Quadrant Tray Panel Riser Pack 1200mm - WDJ

  7. mx-baseboard-compound-adhesive-1220mm-accessory-kit

    MX Baseboard Compound Adhesive 1220mm Accessory Kit - WDR

  8. mx-squarerectanglepentangle-tray-panel-riser-pack-1225mm

    MX Square/Rectangle/Pentangle Tray Panel Riser Pack 1225mm - WDH

  9. mx-squarerectanglepentangle-tray-panel-riser-pack-2000mm

    MX Square/Rectangle/Pentangle Tray Panel Riser Pack 2000mm - WD5

  10. mx-flexi-unpacked-seal-strip-2800mm

    MX Flexi Unpacked Seal Strip 2800mm - WAY

  11. mira-flight-quadrant-shower-tray-riser-conversion-kit

    Mira Flight Quadrant Shower Tray Riser Conversion Kit - 1.1783.102.WH