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Designed with ease of installation in mind, gas fired water heaters are safe, reliable and efficient to use. Available in sleek and modern designs the gas water heater eliminates the need for a hot water cylinder with the fan flue range offers flexibility through a choice of flueing options. The fan flue gas water heater also provides the option to be located away from the outside wall. These, along with the balanced flue models are ideal for small homes with high demand for hot water.

Gas water heaters provide a solution to residential, commercial and industrial applications as the heaters are available in a varied selection of output and flow rates. They are also effective in low pressure areas which means that gas fired water heaters are suitable for any location.

Depending on the need and output of use, gas water heaters can either use a condensing or storage system. Condensing water heaters continuously heat water on demand so long as there is a constant water supply to the heater. They can come in varied capacities to suit either small or large houses and can have remote temperature controls fitted, enabling individuals to set the hot water temperature. The storage water heater is also ideal for providing instant hot water at mains pressure as it heats and retains a quantity of water in an insulated cylinder.