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Standard Baths

Standard rectangular baths are the most popular due to their standardised shape; the standard bath is versatile and can be situated almost anywhere in pretty much any bathroom space. The majority of standard baths are available as a single-ended configuration, while double-ended models allow them to work as a multi-purpose shower bath. Our collection of standard bathtubs from the leading manufacturers are all engineered to a high standard from either durable acrylic or stainless steel, meaning you can sit back and relax in luxury on any budget.

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Straight standard baths are the most classic bath style in the UK, making them extremely popular for their standardised shape. Standard baths can be situated almost anywhere in the bathroom. Available in both single and double-ended versions meaning you can transform them into a multi-purpose shower bath. Choose from a wide range of standard straight bathtubs manufactured from high-quality acrylic or steel in various lengths and depths. Standard baths are highly affordable but also exceptionally durable, providing a luxurious bathing experience for any budget.