LPG Combi Boiler Packs

Our LPG combi boiler packs include an LPG combi boilers along with other parts, such as flues or filters, to make installation more straightforward. Shop PlumbNation’s collection today and find the perfect LPG combination boiler for your home.

Why buy a LPG combi boiler?

Rather than using the gas mains, an LPG boiler is powered via a storage tank using liquid petroleum gas. There are a variety of benefits to using LPG combi boilers. They’re quiet, eco-friendly, and great for compact living and rural areas.

Saving space

Liquid petroleum gases can be stored in a smaller space due to their density. A combi boiler is a single appliance that performs two functions, providing both hot water and central heating. Therefore, an LPG combination boiler is great for compact living, whether you live in a small house or a flat.

Quiet operation

LPG boilers are often quieter than oil boilers and other alternatives. This means less disruption to the rest of the household if you need to shower late at night or early in the morning.

Eco friendly

Liquid petroleum gas boilers are more environmentally friendly because they produce fewer carbon emissions than other types of boiler.

Great for rural areas

With LPG combi boilers, your fuel is purchased in advance, not on a monthly or quarterly plan. This makes it a popular option for places that are off the gas grid, such as hard-to-reach rural locations.

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