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Central Heating Radiators

Central heating radiators are arguably the most common solution for heating your household throughout. Their simple design, great looks and high performance justify their popularity, along with a wide range of sizes that will suit any home and space. Domestic radiators generally consist of panels and convectors that enable them to emit heat via radiation and convection. The majority of the heat output is provided by the convector or convectors, with the rest being delivered through the steel panels, ensuring excellent distribution throughout the room. The standard compact radiator is not only available in a wide range of sizes, but in various types that determine the number of panels and convectors depending on the heat output required.

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Central heating radiators are available in a wide variety of types depending on your required heat output. Designed to emit heat by radiation and convection, central heating radiators emit heat via a convector behind the initial radiator panel. This convection provides the majority of the heat, with a small amount radiating directly from the steel panel, delivering greater efficiency and a more even heat distribution throughout the room. Browse our range of central heating radiators from various brands at affordable prices.