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Vented water heaters are popular choices for localised water heating, often used where there is no central boiler or if the boiler is a fair distance away. It contains a quick recovery mechanism from cold water so users never have to go without hot water with the aid of this economic and efficient unit.

Installation is very simple and no specialist accessories are needed unlike the unvented water heater which requires an expansion vessel. With a range of capacity sizes, modern designs and a diverse choice of models the vented water heater offers convenience and energy efficiency. Ideal for installation in environments where there is no or minimal hot water storage, these water heaters are designed to suit both commercial and domestic needs. Vented water heaters are also fitted with a thermal cut-out unit which provides a permanent, safety-first maximum water temperature which can be pre-set.

By selecting a vented water heater you are potentially saving water and energy when hand washing or washing up. This is due to the eradication of the need for litres of water to be run through the system before hot water arrives.

These heaters can only heat one sink for optimal hot water production. Vented heaters also require special ‘vented’ taps to prevent the unit from bursting which can be dangerous and costly.