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Bathroom Taps

When it comes to choosing the right style of bathroom taps, the design of your basin is often the determining factor. With a traditional basin, it is typical to have two tap holes for an individual hot and cold tap, whereas with many modern basins you may find a single hole for a monobloc or mixer tap. Other variations include freestanding taps that are the ideal choice when combined with either a countertop basin or freestanding bathtub, where there is no space for a deck-mounted tap. Whatever the style or design you require, we offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary bathroom taps that will compliment your decor.

When it comes to style, the design of your basin will determine the design of your bathroom taps. Traditional basins tend to have two holes for two separate taps, whereas modern sinks are likely to have a single hole for a mixer tap. It may be the case that you have a countertop sink or freestanding bathtub that does not have the space for deck mounted taps. In this instance, wall-mounted or freestanding taps are beautiful contemporary solutions that make a striking focal point in the bathroom.