Lpg Regular Boilers

LPG regular boilers or 'heat only' as they are often known as, are ever popular among property owners who do not have access to the main gas grid. LPG regular boilers rely on an external storage tank of stored liquid petroleum gas, making it convenient to remove and replenish once used. In the same way as a natural gas regular boiler, LPG regular boilers are fed from a mains water supply and provide central heating and hot water when installed in conjunction with a hot water cylinder. Whether you are converting from oil or electricity, we offer a range of LPG combination boilers from the best brands, including Worcester, Vaillant, Baxi and Ferroli.

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  2. worcester-greenstar-9ri-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar 9Ri 9kW Regular Boiler LPG ErP+ - 7733600300

  3. worcester-greenstar-12ri-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar 12Ri 12kW Regular Boiler LPG ErP - 7733600301

  4. worcester-greenstar-15ri-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar 15Ri 15kW Regular Boiler LPG ErP - 7733600302

  5. worcester-greenstar-18ri-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar 18Ri 18kW Regular Boiler LPG ErP - 7733600303

  6. worcester-greenstar-21ri-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar 21Ri 21kW Regular Boiler LPG ErP+ - 7733600304

  7. worcester-greenstar-24ri-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar 24Ri 24kW Regular Boiler LPG ErP - 7733600305

  8. worcester-greenstar-27ri-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar 27Ri 27kW Regular Boiler LPG ErP - 7733600065

  9. worcester-greenstar-30ri-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar 30Ri 30kW Regular Boiler LPG ErP - 7733600067

  10. worcester-greenstar-8000-life-30kw-regular-boiler-white-lpg

    Worcester Greenstar 8000 Life 30kW Regular Boiler White LPG - 7738100860

  11. worcester-greenstar-8000-life-35kw-regular-boiler-white-lpg

    Worcester Greenstar 8000 Life 35kW Regular Boiler White LPG - 7738100861

  12. worcester-greenstar-fs-30cdi-floor-standing-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar FS 30CDI 30kW Floor Standing Regular Boiler LPG ErP - 7731600103

  13. worcester-greenstar-8000-life-40kw-regular-boiler-white-lpg

    Worcester Greenstar 8000 Life 40kW Regular Boiler White LPG - 7738100862

  14. worcester-greenstar-8000-life-45kw-regular-boiler-white-lpg

    Worcester Greenstar 8000 Life 45kW Regular Boiler White LPG - 7738100863

  15. keston-heat-2-45kw-heat-only-boiler-lpg

    Keston Heat 2 45kW Heat Only Boiler LPG - 355125

  16. worcester-greenstar-8000-life-50kw-regular-boiler-white-lpg

    Worcester Greenstar 8000 Life 50kW Regular Boiler White LPG - 7738100864

  17. worcester-greenstar-fs-42cdi-floor-standing-regular-boiler-lpg-erp

    Worcester Greenstar FS 42CDI 42kW Floor Standing Regular Boiler LPG ErP - 7731600105

  18. keston-heat-2-55kw-heat-only-boiler-lpg

    Keston Heat 2 55kW Heat Only Boiler LPG - 355126