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Baths historically are central to the bathroom. They are a perfect place to lay back, relax and wash away the stresses of modern-day life. Bathtubs are widely available in a range of sizes and shapes to cater for any bathroom space and style. Whether you want the luxury of a freestanding or whirlpool bath, the versatility of a shower bath and screen, or the extra space or a corner bath, our collection includes a suitable bath for any household.

Baths are the centrepiece to a bathroom, providing a relaxing retreat from the demands of modern living. Baths are on offer in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on the space available and your own requirements. Whether you want a luxury freestanding or the versatility of a shower bath, we stock a wide range of high quality bathtubs. Our collection includes corner baths, steel baths, jacuzzi baths and walk in baths, so no matter what accessibility you require, we have baths to suit any needs.