Creda Heating has over forty years industry experience and is dedicated to heating our homes and places of work. Creda is a market leader in producing electric heating appliances, and consistently introduces new and original products and features. Creda believe the future of heating lies in low carbon electricity, and the company aims to give the user reduced carbon footprints and lower running costs.  

Creda products offer unrivalled efficiency, economy and convenience, and is backed by nationwide after-sales support and a dedicated sales team.  Creda products give safe, instant and responsive heating on demand, and their electric heating products offer themselves as a green alternative. Creda electric heating solutions are 100% energy efficient, meaning they convert every bit of the input energy into heat. They also reduce environmental impact compared to other fuel types, and generate no emissions or carbon monoxide.

Creda electric heaters don’t require flue or pipe-work, so they can be installed almost anywhere in the living or work space. Browse PlumbNation’s selection of Creda Electric Heaters. These include Creda panel heaters, storage heaters, fan heaters and convector heaters.