Dimplex are the market leader for manufacture of all forms of electric heating, non more so then their extensive range of electric fires,suites and surrounds. With the worlds most effective flame effect, the Dimplex fire range offers the most attractive and productive style of natural flame feature known as 'optiflame' and also the most innovative style of virtual flame effect known as 'optimyst', a state-of-the-art 3D smoke and flame feature giving the impression of natural flame.

Optiflame is the worlds most popular electric flame effect, and can be found in a wide selection of electric fires. It is a unique, patented means of generating realistic simulated flames from an electric source and creates the illusion of flames emanating from the centre of an enhanced depth fuel bed to provide a realistic glow that can be enjoyed all year round.

Optimyst fully 3-dimension effect uses established ultrasonic technology adapted from commercial applications to create an ultra fine water mist that is illuminated to create the 'flames' and the 'smoke'. This, combined with the optiglo glowing logs and shimmering ashbed, produces an effect that surpasses all expections for realism in a electric fire.