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Plinth Heaters

Plinth heaters are a neat space-saving alternative for heating your kitchen, being both efficient and powerful. Once turned on at the unit or by remote switch, they begin to deliver a rush of warm air which is then distributed outwards through a grille at your feet. Kitchen plinth heaters are available as a hydronic model plumbed in as part of your central heating system, or as an electric unit wired into an electrical supply. If you want the flexibility, you can even choose a dual model that offers the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking for a fresh alternative to a radiator or wanting to make the most of your kitchen space, then a plinth heater may be the solution for you.

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Plinth Heaters Plinth heaters are a great heating solution for the home. They are most common in kitchens, where there is often not the space to install a radiator or electric wall heater. They fit into a kitchen unit and produce heat as soon as they are turned on – great for blowing out the cobwebs first thing on a winter’s morning.

A plinth heater can run independently or can be powered by your home’s central heating system. The one you should choose depends on your requirements and the existing set-up that you have.

Standard electric plinth heaters plug straight into the mains electricity and are really easy to install. At PlumbNation you will find a variety of output options. Achieving efficiency is a matter of selecting a heater with the power to suit the room that you intend to install it in, so make sure you look at all the options available.

Central Heating Plinth Heater You can also choose from the hydronic plinth heaters that we stock. These are designed to connect to your central heating system and have fans to boost their output. Installation is more complicated than with standard electric plinth heaters, but once it is set up it will generally perform with greater efficiency than an independent unit.

We also stock accessories such as grills and thermostats. It means that regardless of whether you choose a standard or hydronic plinth heater, you are still able to put together a joined-up, efficient system that will suit you, your home and your lifestyle.