ErP stands for Energy Related Products, it's a new regulation set by the European Union, applicable from 26th September 2015.

What is ErP?

ErP is being introduced to improve the efficiency of hot water and heating products and aims to phase out lower performing products from the market to address major energy challenges including global warming.

ErP consists of 2 directives:

  1. Ecodesign Directive
    This applies to space heaters and combi space heaters with an output of up to 400kW, and water heaters and hot water storage tanks with up to 2000 litre capacity. Manufacturers must meet a minimum performance criteria in order to bear a CE mark and for products be sold in the EU. Ecodesign will ensure that products meet minimum nitrogen oxide, energy performance and noise emission performance standards.
  2. Energy Labelling Directive
    This part of ErP complements and works in conjunction with the Ecodesign Directive. Home-owners will be able to to see the efficiency levels of space and water heating products up to 70kW, and hot water storage tanks up to 500 litres using a simple label, already familiar on white goods such as fridges and freezers.

A package energy label will be provided by an installer when a heating appliance is combined with another product, giving an energy efficiency rating of the whole system rather than individual components.

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