Gledhill is one of the industry’s leading cylinder manufacturers in the UK today. Gledhill’s blend of professional knowledge and long established, multi-generational family owned business principles amount to the highest level of technical mastery and irreplaceable experience of any manufacturer in the industry. Gledhill has been at the forefront of the domestic heating & hot water revolution and show no sign of deviating from its current course of success.

Gledhill’s research indicated a public demand for a range of systems that are capable of meeting the needs of a multi-bathroom system. Gledhill have since developed powerful yet energy efficient systems that specifically facilitate the stringent requirements of an eco-friendly, multi bathroom home whilst accommodating for a host of common household energy sources.

Gledhill Stainless Lite Cylinders are manufactured from Duplex Stainless Steel to ensure long life durability and noteworthy reliability. Two of Gledhill’s greatest achievements are the StainlessLite and EnviroFoam ranges, both boast incredibly light materials to ease, speed-up and simplify the installation process (weighing as low as 12kg!), thus revolutionising the usual perceptions of copper and steel cylinders. This combined with a 25 year guarantee means these mains pressure unvented Gledhill cylinders are fast becoming one the most popular products available here at PlumbNation Plumbing Supplies. 

Gledhill Cylinders are powerful, mains pressure fed domestic water solutions that feature cutting edge high flow rate controls that are ideal for the modern, energy-conscious multi bathroom household. Their Stainless Lite Gledhill Cylinder range includes Direct and Indirect systems come available in sizes ranging from 90 to 400 litre capacities and are suitable for even the most water demanding home. We supply Domestic Cylinders, Commercial Cylinders, Combination Cylinders, Insulated Cylinders, and many more.