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Waste Disposal Units

Waste disposal units are a convenient and effective solution for getting rid of leftover food waste. They work by electronically crushing down your household food waste via an internal system that grinds the leftovers into particles disposed of in your wastewater pipes. Not only are sink waste disposal units massively convenient, but they are also an environmentally friendly solution to landfill and promote general kitchen sink hygiene too. If you’re worried about space, you can rest assured that waste disposal units are compact and universally suitable for the majority of kitchen sink installations.

Not all kitchen waste is recyclable which is why a waste disposal unit is the ideal solution for a convenient and efficient way to reduce your domestic waste output. Waste disposals work by grinding down household waste products such as food leftovers into a fine powder that is subsequently disposed of down your drain. Browse our large range of waste disposal units from a number of leading manufacturers. Choose from a variety of sizes and power outputs to best suit your individual requirements.