Based in the UK, McAlpine is a market-leading manufacturer of plumbing products. McAlpine’s products are known for their enviable high-quality reputation and they are considered first choice for qualified plumbers worldwide. As a company that is renowned for its innovation, McAlpine were the first UK manufacturers of plastic traps, and these are still considered to be the best today.

McAlpine’s products are designed for use in the UK and they export specifically designed products to over eighty countries across the globe. Their products are driven by market conditions, creativity and customer demand, and they excel in manufacturing waste pipes and fittings. McAlpine’s waste fittings are used primarily to join appliances to the waste network in the building and carry it away. These are essential to prevent bacteria and waste from entering the drains.

At PlumbNation you will find a wide range of basin and bath wastes, commercial washrooms, plumbing traps and kitchen sink wastes and accessories. McAlpine’s plastic traps are made from durable material and come in a range of models including bottle trap and swivel P trap designs.