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Each range of Mira Showers will typically embody designs that are appealing to a wide audience of people for both aesthetics and functionality. A new Mira Shower will perfectly compliment a contemporary or traditional bathroom whilst fully utilising powerful yet efficient showering technology. A Mira Shower will help you to achieve a luxurious showering experience time and time again, and certain Mira Showers can even reduce the amount of water used by up to 75%.

Mira is an international brand leader and the Mira domestic and commercial shower ranges are available in 40 different countries. PlumbNation Plumbing Supplies proudly offer the Mira Shower collection; a highly reputable company that has been developing 80 years worth of innovative showering design with quality engineering and a rigorous attention to efficient showering detail. Mira is committed to minimising its impact on the environment through a set of strict environmental guidelines by following in Kohler’s example and Mira Showers provide no exception to this as they too have been designed with the welfare of our planet in mind.

Mira is a true trailblazer of the showering industry as Mira are the manufacturer of the world’s first thermostatic shower, which made its debut back in the 1930s. Mira also developed the very first thermostatic mixer shower that was designed and built to cope with our unique, British domestic water supplies. It was this innovative ingenuity that rocketed Mira into the lead of the domestic showering market, thus establishing Mira Showers as a genuine household favourite.

Mira is considerate for those suffering from disabilities and the elderly. Ordinary bathroom rituals can be troublesome for many people and so Mira have designed a great selection of helpful, user friendly bathroom aids such as Mira Care Showers, which have thermostatic temperature control and Mira Shower Seats that allow for easier shower access and comfort whilst in the showering.