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Save 10% on essential water treatment products

Sentinel X100 Inhibitor

  • Effectively controls scale and corrosion
  • Ensures optimum boiler efficiency
  • Prevents boiler noise
  • Available for next day delivery

Adey MC3+ Central Heating Cleaner 500m

  • Removes sludge, debris and scale
  • Helps reduce heating and maintenance bills
  • Suitable for all heating systems
  • Available for next day delivery

Worcester Greenstar Magnetic System Filter 28mm

  • Longer boiler lifespan
  • Reduces system running costs
  • Over tightening prevention feature
  • 1 year warranty

Adey MC1 Quick Test Kit

  • Fast and accurate testing
  • Results within 10 seconds
  • Tests up to 50 systems
  • Available for next day delivery

Simply enter code WATER10 at the checkout.

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