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OSO Hotwater UK is the British company to A/S OSO, the largest and most successful water heater manufacturer in Norway, and a major force and innovator in the water heating industry in Scandinavia, and Europe.  OSO is the undisputed market leader in its Norwegian home market with over 60% market share. Within the UK, Oso Hot Water Cylinders are becoming increasingly popular and therefore expanding in their own right within the UK Market.

OSO Hot Water UK is a leading supplier of mains pressure unvented hot water cylinders. Oso Cylinders offer innovative design and quality passed on from Oso's market leading European company.  OSO has a long international reputation for environmentally conscious production methods.

Oso produce high quality stainless steel unvented hot water cylinders, offering unique and popular Oso Super S Hot water cylinders, that provide easy and neat installation by keeping all pipes and expansion valves completely hidden from view via a lid design.   The Oso Solarcyl Solar Cylinders for use with Solar Panels, an increasingly popular installation choice, vastly expanding within the UK each year.

Not only to Oso specialise in Unvented hot Water Cylinders, but Oso also manufacture Oso Electric Boilers.  Oso Electric Boilers offer a highly efficient Electric Boiler range called  the Oso Termo Electric Boilers.  Offering both mechanical or electronic control, and the Oso Termo Electric Boilers can control both heating and hot water.