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Shower Pumps

Shower booster pumps will invigorate your mixer or power shower with a refreshing boost of pressure and blast of water, that will not only bring you to life in the early mornings but help you to destress and relax after those long days at work. Low water pressure can turn shower time from what should be a refreshing experience to a dribbling nightmare. While they are not suitable for a mains-fed water system like that of a combi boiler, shower pumps are ideal for gravity-fed systems where water pressure is often low.

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Shower Pumps, are generally required if you already have a mixer shower and are experiencing flow problems due to low pressure in the supply pipe work. A pump can be installed to increase the pressure of stored hot and cold water, not from mains-fed water. For example, Shower Pumps & Pumped Power Showers cannot be used if you have a Combi Boiler or an Unvented Cylinder. Shower Pumps are available with Single Impellers and Twin Impellers. Impellers are the Inlet and Outlet pipes attached to the pump. If you are looking to boost your hot water supply then a single impeller pump would be required, if however, you wish to boost both your hot and cold water supply, then you would need to install a twin impeller Booster Pump.