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Column Radiators

Whether you’re looking for a heating solution that exudes period charm or a contemporary centrepiece for an industrial-inspired living space, a robust column radiator may be the decorative alternative to a standard panel radiator. Comprising multiple steel columns that determine the width or height in vertical column radiators, there are plenty of choices to suit almost any space where a radiator is required. For smaller spaces a shallower depth 2 column radiator is perfect. In contrast, in larger living rooms and open plan kitchen diners, a 3 or 4 column radiator would give you higher heat output to warm throughout.

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Column radiators exude period charm for a more traditional décor. As versatile as they are beautiful, their robust design adds character to any room and makes them a great decorative alternative to the standard panel radiator. Column radiators are made from steel tubular columns that are welded together at the top and bottom. The greater number of columns, the more amount of space the radiator will need. Column radiators are available in tall and slender models as well as short tubular designs.