Sagittarius kitchen taps, showers, bathroom taps and bathroom accessories manufactured to the highest standards, which include BS5412, BS1010, TMV2 and TMV3, and to compound their commitment to quality offer a 10 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects. PlumbNation Plumbing Supplies works closely with all our suppliers to ensure each and every product is designed and manufactured to the highest possible specification.

Sagittarius Tap Guide

  • Mechanical Valve - Traditional type valve that uses a rubber washer to create a watertight seal.
  • Ceramic Disc Valve - Intelligent technology and design. Valve that uses hard wearing ceramic discs to create a watertight seal. Popular due to low maintenance and easy quarter or half turn action to operate.
  • Ceramic Disc Cartridge - Intelligent technology and design. Cartridge made from hard-wearing ceramic discs, typically found in single lever water taps. A very popular choice for all households due to the low amount of maintenance required and ease of use.
  • Single Flow - Hot and cold water mixes within the mixer body. To comply with Water Bylaws fittings such as this require single check valves fitted to each inlet.
  • Dual Flow - Hot and cold water mixes together at the outlet of the water tap. A check valve is not required.
  • Check Valves - Check Valves, or Non Return Valves, are required to comply with Water Bylaws on certain fittings. They allow water to flow in only one direction. Please contact your local water authority for details.
  • Pressure Reducing Valves - Required on systems using mixer taps and with a high pressure imbalance (typically with a greater ratio than 5:1).
  • Minimum Pressure - Minimum water pressure required for tap / shower / etc. to function adequately. Pressure depends on type of fitting and type of plumbing system installed. As a general guide, low pressure systems are gravity fed and less than 1.0 bar (1.0 metre vertical distance between shower outlet and base of cold water tank is approximately 0.1 bar), high pressure systems are mains fed, pumped or combination boilers.
  • Maximum Pressure - Maximum safe working water pressure. All guarantees are void if this is exceeded and fittings may get damaged.
  • Water Bylaws - All fittings must be installed to comply with these to ensure basic safety and legal compliance. Please contact your local water authority for details.
  • WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) - Product approval process. Fittings are checked for mechanical reliability and material safety.