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Close Coupled Toilets

Arguably the most popular configuration, the close-coupled toilet boasts affordability and above all versatility, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms and en-suites alike. The traditional close coupled toilet has an open back, allowing access to the soil pipe, seat and cistern fittings. Close-coupled toilets are perfect for those who want a straight forward installation and a toilet that can be easily maintained when necessary. Many close coupled toilets are available with either a standard horizontal or vertical waste outlet making them a flexible choice for a variety of bathroom configurations.

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The most common and traditional style, close coupled toilets are perhaps the most popular toilet choice as they are highly versatile and affordable. Close coupled toilets also offer simple and swift installation for a quick bathroom refresh. Additionally, these toilets offer a choice of soil pipe locations which is highly convenient for locating your new toilet anywhere within the bathroom. The close coupled toilet is named because the cistern and bowl are closely connected. It is a floor standing fixture with a visible cistern attached behind the bowl. These toilets are able to suit any style of bathroom due to the great range of designs. Alternatively, back to wall close coupled toilets offer the same versatility but can be installed flush to a wall for a seamless look.