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Wet Underfloor Heating

If you’re looking to incorporate an element of luxury to your existing central heating system, then a wet underfloor heating kit is the perfect solution for new installations. This water-based system circulates hot water through a series of polyethene pipes that are connected to your central heating boiler via a manifold, making it an effective and efficient system for heating your rooms thoroughly and evenly. Typically, a wet underfloor heating kit is fitted below a concrete screed and as such makes them an ideal installation for new homes or extensions; in particular conservatories where heat is likely to escape. Whether you have a traditional central heating boiler or employ a renewable energy system including solar panels, our wet underfloor heating systems will deliver effective and perfectly distributed heat on demand.

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Wet underfloor heating uses heated water to circulate through suitable polyethene barrier piping with separate circuits for different zones within the property. The traditional water-based system is costly to install as it involves removing the floor in an existing building. Hot water systems can increase floor height by at least 60mm due to the concrete screed that is required. Therefore, this form of UFH is most suitable for new homes or extensions where the systems can be installed during the building process. Wet underfloor heating systems use water for heating, so it can be linked to virtually any heat source from a standard boiler to newer sustainable technologies, such as solar thermal energy or heat pumps.