Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating is considered one of Britain’s Best-Selling Electric Underfloor Heating suppliers. The Warmup Underfloor Heating range is one of the UK’s leading Electric underfloor heating systems. Warmup Underfloor Heating is used either as primary heating source, or simply as additional heating in underfloor heating to keep you that little bit warmer.

Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating from Warmup is not only inexpensive, but it is easy to install and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating Mat from Warmup Underfloor Heating is specifically designed with the electrical heating cable attached to a tough fibreglass mesh (mat), that is rolled out before tiling.  The Warmup Underfloor Heating mats, can be fully controlled via a programmable room thermostat.