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Heated with electricity in the standard voltage, point of use water heaters are ideal for the immediate production of hot water. The water is heated near the sink or other area where the water is required instead of from the central heater. Point of use water heaters are often used to boost the temperature of water at a fixture that is a substantial distance from the central water heater.

The instant hot water that is produced from these fixtures means they are particularly useful for both commercial and domestic properties as they are a reliable source of hot water. Installing a point of use water heater could help save you money on energy as small amounts of hot water are used. No excess hot water is produced compared to heating from the mains, which takes time to travel to the source and invariably wastes energy and money.

The high performance and lower operating costs of point of use water heaters make them a convenient alternative for the sporadic use of hot water such as washing hands and dishes.

These heaters are simple and safe to use as they contain an automatic thermostat to maintain the desired temperature which is moderated by a pre-set safety cut-out system.