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Worcester Bosch Greenstar Boilers

Here you will find our extensive range of Worcester boilers, heating controls, cylinders and renewable energy technology. Many owners of a Worcester Boiler will gladly state that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase and will recommend their Worcester boiler to anyone in need of a reliable and cost-effective condensing boiler. In many domestic instances, one boiler brand clearly stands out from the rest by ticking all the right boxes. As a sign of true quality, Worcester Bosch is the official supplier of heating appliances to the British Royal Family.

Worcester, now known as Worcester Bosch and part of the global Bosch Group, is a leading manufacturer of sustainable high-efficiency heating and hot water solutions for the home. Like all large boiler manufacturers, Worcester has an interesting company history under its belt. Whilst Worcester may not be the oldest of the UK-established boiler manufacturers, Worcester developed and unveiled its very first line of Worcester boilers in the 1960s, which were innovative oil-fired boilers that paved the way for today’s advanced water heating appliances. The Worcester Bosch Group, commonly referred to as Worcester or Worcester Bosch, was formed in 1992 after Worcester successfully merged with one of the world’s leading names in high-end technology, Bosch.

The name Bosch is synonymous with impeccable quality and unrivalled reliability. Bosch is a company that settles for nothing less than the highest standards achievable and apply this level of quality to every subsidiary and the regional company of the Bosch Group. Bosch was originally formed in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany by Robert Bosch and has since grown into a worldwide multi-billion euro group of over 270,000 workers.

Worcester Bosch believes it is crucial to existing as an environmentally responsible company and is committed to reducing the impact of non-renewable energy consumption and CO2 emissions on our planet. All Worcester Boilers are SEDBUK Band A. A-Rated condensing boilers (90% or more efficient) will produce a minimal amount of CO2 and will also use less energy than conventional boilers. Worcester Bosch also manufactures many renewable energy solutions for the domestic home, such as solar panels and geothermal ground heat pumps.

A high-efficiency Worcester boiler will provide the entire household with a sufficient amount of hot water and will keep the household cosily warm all year round. Worcester Bosch Boilers, commonly referred to simply as Worcester Boilers, are the leading domestic boiler brand and are well known for their superior build quality, unparalleled reliability and incredible energy efficiency. Worcester also allows their customers to register their boiler enabling the UK’s best boiler repair service. Condensing Worcester Boilers come in the form of Worcester Combi Boilers, Worcester Regular Boilers and Worcester System Boilers, the boiler for you will depend on your household heating requirements (please refer to our Boiler Guide for more info or consult your installation team). Fuel types include Worcester Gas Boilers, Worcester LPG Boilers and Worcester Oil Boilers, all of which are efficient condensing boilers.

One of the best and most important reasons to buy a Worcester Boiler is that in the unlikely event of a fault simply give Worcester a call and an experienced engineer will arrange a time to come to your home (typically calling beforehand) and will fix your Worcester Boiler there and then, usually within 24 hours of receiving your call. A Worcester engineer will turn up equipped with all of the right tools and parts necessary to solve the problem so you won’t have to wait long before your condensing Worcester Bosch boiler is back at full strength producing heat and hot water for your home.

As a supplier of the highest quality heating appliances available, PlumbNation is proud to be associated with Worcester and offer their fine selection of renewable energy solutions. Worcester Bosch is dedicated to providing renewable energy products that function efficiently and competently for demanding domestic environments. Worcester Bosch Renewable Energy products have helped to dispel cynical public views of the effectiveness of renewable energy.

Worcester Renewable Energy products come in the form of Worcester Solar Panels, Worcester Ground Source Heat Pumps, Worcester Solar Cylinders and more. If you already own or plan to buy a Regular or System Worcester Boiler then you may be interested to know that it will also be compatible with Worcester Solar Energy products, so that as well as reaping the benefits from your condensing boiler you can also take advantage of harnessed solar energy and geothermal energy, gradually saving you even more money over a period of time (please note all Worcester Combi Boilers do not require a cylinder or solar panels). Greenstore is Worcester’s Ground Source Heat Pump range, which literally extracts and stores heat directly from the ground of your domestic property. For more info on which Worcester Renewable Energy solutions will be best for your heating requirements please visit our Renewable Energy Guide page or contact our dedicated technical customer service team.