Indirect Copper Vented Cylinders

PlumbNation offer a whole host of indirect copper vented cylinders to suit your home. Gravity fed water systems, also known as vented cylinders, use water from a tank in the loft and are heated indirectly by an oil or gas boiler.

They’re cheaper than unvented cylinders because they don’t require pressure from the mains, instead relying on gravity to get the job done. They also provide powerful and more consistent water pressure for homes with low water pressure or multiple bathrooms, making them ideal for busy homes. Low maintenance and easy to install, vented cylinders are the most popular type of cylinder in the UK and are perfect if you require a like-for-like replacement for your existing cylinder.

Our selection of indirect copper vented cylinders includes brands like Albion, Gledhill and Telford. Our cylinders come in various sizes and at many different price points to suit your budget and requirements.

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