Timeguard is a well-established company that provides high quality timing, lighting, safety and climate control products. They combine years of experience with practical design to deliver the energy savings that owners and occupiers are looking for.

Timeguard provide a versatile range of timers, thermostats and heating controllers for every application. Timeguard’s range of digital, analogue and wireless programmable thermostats are particularly easy to install and prove highly popular. Timeguard also provide a selection of compact and multipurpose time switches are perfect for domestic level control over your lighting, heating and hot water. They have detailed programming functions and allow for smooth installation and application. 

Timeguard immersion heater timer switches make it really easy to have economical and maintenance-free control of immersion heaters. They can be set for up to 4 ON/ 4 OFF programme periods per day, and 28 ON/ 28 OFF programmes per week.

For alternative heating control options, Timeguard digital programmers work with room thermostats to provide 4 independent timed channels, eg: hot water and 3 separate heating zones. These are designed to work with fully pumped systems.