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Water Heater Guide

Supplying fresh, hot or boiling water instantly on-demand, some models will effectively eliminate the need for a kettle. They provide a sufficient amount of hot or boiling water suitable for drinking or for the washing of hands meaning on-demand hot water 24 hours a day, no storage cylinder required. Point of Use Heaters are also an energy-saving option where only a small amount of hot water is required as they can be sited practically anywhere.

What is the key difference between a boiler and a water heater?

A boiler is used to heat large amounts of water and for heating for the entire household, hot water is used for such applications as central heating systems, showers, hot tap water etc. These heaters supply instant, stored, hot or boiling water directly from the cold mains water supply, this water is not used for heating purposes such as central heating. A water dispenser issues drinking water, which can be filtered, chilled drinking water or safe boiling hot drinking water.

We at PlumbNation sourced our collection from the recognised leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure the highest quality and value for money available in the UK. Here you will find models from Ariston, Heatrae Sadia, Zip and Santon, all of which are capable of meeting the most demanding and economical requirements of your system.

Though they may seem simple enough to not need a guide, there are several forms available for a variety of requirements and there are also drinking water dispensers for the home or commercial premises. You may find you need instant boiling hot water on demand and have an empty space above your sink and think to yourself – how about a Water Dispenser? Available in all shapes and sizes, ready for a range of possible scenarios so we’ve put together this helpful guide explaining the uses/applications for each type. We’ve also included our best buys to help you to decide which unit is best for you.

Unvented Water Heater

An Unvented system heats water directly from the mains water supply; an expansion tank is not required. Unvented models offer a number of benefits compared to conventional Vented / Point of Use systems including higher pressure / higher flow rates and balanced hot/cold water supplies. Unvented Heaters are ideal where hot water is required for multiple outlets, such as kitchens & washrooms. Large capacity Heaters are available for more commercial options such as dishwashing, hand washing or low demand canteen use. Unvented models are incredibly flexible as they can be sited practically anywhere.

They are available as Under Sink and Over Sink Water Heaters, which literally means they can be positioned over the sink or indeed under sink depending on your hot water requirements.

Vented Water Heater

Vented Heaters are generally installed directly over the sink area and are commonly referred to as Point of Use Heaters. A Point of Use Heater has an open outlet and rely on the opening of a tap or valve on the inlet side to displace the hot water in the heater with the incoming cold water. The open outlet ensures that any excess pressure in the heater is vented. Water expansion is accommodated by allowing the water to drip from the spout.

These are ideal for use with single sink requirements for example in kitchens, surgeries, workshops and more.

Water Heater Accessories

When installing Unvented Heaters it is important to fully utilise the right accessories. As every installation is different, accessory packs are used to ensure that the heater is installed correctly and safely. In some cases, expansion in a cold water main is restricted via a stop valve, check valve or water meter, therefore, we at PlumbNation Heating Supplies recommend that an accessory pack including an expansion vessel should be fitted. It is also essential that you are aware of your maximum incoming water pressure prior to installation.

There are a variety of accessory packs available, however, the exact accessory pack appropriate for you will depend on your Water Heating requirements, therefore PlumbNation Heating Supplies recommend that you seek further expert advice from either your installer or manufacturer (for example Ariston) before purchasing an Accessory Pack.

An Electric Water Heater is relatively simple to install, especially when compared to a Gas Heater. It is recommended that a professional installation team carry out the installation. Electric Heaters are fast, clean and economical.

Gas Water Heater / LPG Water Heater

A Natural Gas or LPG Heater must be installed by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Natural Gas and LPG Heaters can be even more economical than Electric Heaters but will require more effort with the installation process, meaning they are more costly, to begin with, but over time offer a greater saving.